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Sunday Slow Scamper

Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector โ€“ Pasir Ris Park


49m 37s

07:31 min/km

8.05 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/206126554246277824

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/146715


Went out on an easy run.

Stomachache along the way.

I think it’s that one stick Kinder Bueno I had prior.

Luckily came back in one piece.

Without anyting dropping out.


Weekend Workouts


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


27m 05s

07:28 min/km

8.02 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/439126373971980701

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/126234


East Coast Park


36m 58s

08:05 min/km

7.41 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/bedok/686126374013914878

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/127078


Did two runs this weekend.



Sunday Run & Bike: Bittersweet Symphony


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector – Pasir Ris Park


38m 07s

09:15 min/km

6.48 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/388126313130614080

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/122077


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector – Pasir Ris Park


1hr 10m 03s

15.74 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/pasir%20ris/328126313151869630

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/122309


After the last family run during New Year’s day, we had our 2nd leisure run this morning with two additional family members joining in the fun. And like last week, today’s run was great with much chatter and teasing going on, until some didn’t realise that they had run that far for the first time ever.

I’m delighted that more of my family members are taking up this healthy lifestyle. Plans are already in place to participate in the North East Run 2010 together.


My ultimate goal is to pull the auntie-auntie and uncle-uncle generation to embark on this journey too. If Running Mom and company can do it, so can they.

However, starting the run at 9am meant that my skin will keep getting darker and blacker from what it originally is.


The sabun lulur or soap scrub, that my sister bought for her own use, but one that I’ve also been using, supposedly will whiten the skin after frequent usage, but it looks like it’s magic is not working as I am still as dark as ever and using the soap causes my skin to sting like I’ve been bitten by million fire ants at one go.

And for you who think that I am vain, hey give me a break will you. Everyone loves to look great or at most not be an eye sore to the rest. So if you have any secret remedy or petua-petua mak nenek that will aid in whitening the skin, do share aight.

Thanks yous.

About the bike in the afternoon, well, I’m a bit appalled by the lack of safety consciousness shown by some cyclists at Pasir Ris Park. Although I know that some of us are good at multi-tasking, but talking in the phone while swaying, not cycling, your bike side to side on one hand without nary a care to those around you, is a little too much right. I could complain about some other scenes that I witnessed just now, but I think it’s best I end here.

Goods nights!

Sunday Night Run

Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


39m 47s

08:07 min/km

7.40 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/singapore/-singapore/872235299493

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/102199

Supplementary Exercises:

Chin-up: 1 X 7

Plank: 1 X 60secs, 1 X 50secs, 1 X 40secs


Wow, it has been exactly a fortnight since I ran. The run just now was kept at a tortoise pace to evaluate my running condition. I’m glad to say that my legs wereup to that slow pace though my kneeswere a bit wobbly. There was nary any signs of cramps so that’s good.

Anyway, there was a teeny-weeny bit of distraction during the run when I passed a lady in red running in her teeny-weeny shorts with her fleshy butt having a peek from underneath.

I am not complaining.


Sunday Morning Swim: Super Fun

Sengkang Swimming Complex


500 metres (Estimate: Lost count)

Rest every 30m


Had great fun swimming with my cousin and his fiancee at the latest swimming complex to be constructed in Singapore.

Sengkang Swimming Complex was developed as part of an integrated lifestyle hub with all the ammenities and facilities such as the community centre, fitness centre, hockey cum football stadium and the swimming complex, all adjacent to one another.

The highlight of this new swimming complex is the shaded learners’ pool. I have never come across a covered swimming pool before, and I assume so were the hundreds of swimmers I saw in the pool just now. It was so crowded with groups of little baby swimmers with their tiny heads bobbing up and down, newbies or noobs who swam across the pool, along its width and not length, thus cutting into those swimming laps and also adults learning how to swim.

The Sengkang Swimming Complex also has a few water slides built for those in need of some adrenaline rush. For scaredy-cats like me, a ride into two of those, had me waving the white flag. But for those with greater bravado, surely you will not have enough of all the water slides.

Okay enough superlatives about the new swimming complex. In terms of my swimming, I am becoming more comfortable in the water. My breathing is improving due to my better body rotation. The break time at the end of every 25m has considerably shortened. I’m positive that in the near future, I will be able to finally swim the 50m length of the pool a few times without taking a break in the middle. Just need to practise more.


Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009


Gun time: 1hr 22mins 29secs

Watch time: 1hr 20mins 21secs

Championchip time: 1hr 20mins 09secs

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/esplanade/623464653016


Well, it’s a bitter sweet experience as an early cramp before the 1km mark derailed my whole gameplan; not that I have a comprehensive one. As my biggest nemesis since my training runs is the cramp; complained about it all the time that it became as stale as a bad cheese. Therefore, today’s set-play is very easy. Start slow and finish strong. And the I failed at both.


Preparation was as good as it can be. I drank a lot, even consuming the ORS dissolved in cold water, stretched a bit, and tried to sleep early. I even forgo the 2nd half of the football match between the Red Devils and the Hammers. All this in the bid towards preventing the cramp.

But as they always say, kita boleh merancang, tetapi Tuhan yang menentukan (we can come up with the most detailed of plans, but sometimes it will not go our way). After the flag off, I went on an easy pace which was part of the plan. But suddenly a cousin of mine saw me and decided to run beside me. I told him to run ahead as my pace was going to be snail-paced compared to him but he said that it didn’t really matter and stuck to my pace.

The thing with running with a partner is that either one will have to follow the other’s pace. As I don’t really want to slow down his run, I tried to keep up with his pace. As it was just the start, everything felt good. But the foreboding signs started to appear.

The area above my ankles started to tighten up and that is always the first tell-tale sign that my pace is too fast and that the cramp is catching up with me. And I’m not too sure why but once the cramp attacked, it is so hard for me to shake it off. So I quickly dropped my pace tremendously, hoping that it will go away.

However, the cramp loved me so much that it hanged around with me all the way. I have no other choice but to continue running albeit it was so uncomfortable. I couldn’t get into any good rythm or what some people called “The Zone”. All the while I was fearful that the cramp would turn full-blown and reduced me to a walking zombie.


By the time, the 5km sign loomed ahead, the cramp started to dissipate. I ate some M&Ms that have clumped together to give some extra boost. ๐Ÿ˜› Then, the F1 track appeared around the corner. I’m not too sure why, but I hate running along the track. I tried to invoke the spirits of the mean machines that grace the track once a year but it is always at the track that I feel that my energy is totally drained. Maybe my mental needs some tweaking.

In the end, my watch recorded aย  time of 1hr 20min. Don’t ask me about the SportyPal caused my GPS went berserk and displayed my route as 13++km. I am pretty sure I hadn’t run that far and the pace it displayed was 5++min per km. If only I can run that fast. Oh well, sometimes technology do has its off days.

Although I did not better my PB, I’m grateful to Him that I completed the run at an average pace of around 8min per km. Insya-Allah this will spur me to continue to do my training runs though basically today marks the end of this year’s running season.

To those I get to know through your blogs, a big THANK YOU goes out to all of you for being the inspiration that fuels my fire to keep up with this great lifestyle. Hopefully, one day, I can meet all of you in person. Have a good break and a well-deserved holiday.

Phuket here I come!!!


Sunday Dusk Run: A Very EZ Jog

Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris MRT Track โ€“ Tampines Pasir Ris Park Connector


31m 00s

07:46 min/km

7.72 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/tampines/198125949808078524

Supplementary Exercises:

Chin up: 1 X 8


If you have not noticed, I’ve been using a free software called SportyPal to track my runs and cycling routes. It works on any mobile phones with an internal GPS chip. It really saves time from needing to manually plot the routes in the MapMyRun website.

Unfortunately, this SportyPal software failed me during my EZ run just now. I’m not really sure why but I have forwarded the error details to the Support Team at SportyPal. I suspected it had something to do with the recent upgradeย  of my Omnia II OS (Operating System) to Windows Mobile 6.5. Luckily it happened now and not next week during the SCSM 10km run. Hopefully the SportyPal Support Team can conjure some magic and make it running flawlesssly again.


Oh no! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

There's a bug somewhere

Updated: Problem resolved by the SportyPal Support Team. Has to do with memory leak.