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17th Day Ramadhan – Salam Nuzul Al Quran

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/496128287976818009

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/589538


My cycling fitness is getting better as I can now cycle at a higher gear than usual. I managed to push harder and not be contented with the normal low gears that I have always been using.

Other than that, nothing much to report.

Salam Nuzul Al Quran to one and all.


15th Day Ramadhan – The Inconvenient Truth ~Updated~

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

20.13 km

1hr 12m 02s

16.77 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/405128273645785706

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/584744

Level 2 Day 2

5 rounds for time = 0m 00s
3 pull-ups
8 push-ups
13 squats

Supplementary Exercises:

Crunches: 20 X 3

Back Extensions: 20 X 3


The Son asked, “Ayah, Faisal nampak kurus tak?”

The Father replied, “Tak lah. Maybe sikit jer lah.”


The afternoon cycle was a killer. I was totally dehydrated and there was no power at all from my legs. I was just wishing for it to be over and done with as quickly as the wind blows. If not for the finger-licking bone steak a.k.a sup tulang merah, that my mum has cooked for breakingfast, and the thought of all the calories I will stuffing myself with, I would not have done the ride.

The feeling sucks. Pardon my French.

Strength training after terawih tonight.

Come on Faisal!!!


Strength workout done. Phew! Omitted the squats due to precautionary measures. Will test the left knee again and hopefully can resume doing squats next week.

Now MAKAN time! Pulut kuning and its assorted dishes and bone steak are waiting.



15th Day Ramadhan – I Heart Pasir Ris Park

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

22.02 km

1hr 11m 54s

18.38 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/975128269877235045

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/583984


I love Pasir Ris Park and its beach too.

It’s so serene and the view is just magnificent with the lush coconut trees swaying in rythmic motion.

The cool sea breeze always bring respite from the scorching heat and I love seeing the elderlies doing their exercise there. Be it cycling, running or even walking. Even some taichi too.

I hope to be like them when I grow old.

Anyway I’ve slowly regained my cycling strength as I don’t feel as tired as when I just started out during early Ramadhan.


Oh Allah, if only I can have a partner to go cycling or running with. Make it a lady if possible.


I Heart You

9th Day Ramadhan – Unleashing The Dragon

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

18.36 km

1hr 07m 07s

16.42 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/867128221743730255

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/567075


Went for a quick ride before breakingfast.

It was necessary to burn that extra calories as my dear mother has cooked nasi lemak for the family.

Well you can’t say no to your own mum’s cooking right?


Anyway along the way to Pasir Ris Park, I met this prehistoric lizard having his afternoon sun tan.

D is for Dragon

No it's G for Godzilla

What are you guys arguing about? It's too hot. I'm taking a break under the bridge.

3rd Day Ramadhan – I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

18.77 km

1hr 04m 28s

17.47 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/280128165974681591

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/549496


Breakfast yesterday was a few glasses of milk and water, dates and a banana, followed by leftover curry chicken from the other day after terawih prayers.
Sahur this morning was a few glasses of water, a banana and a glass of Berocca multivitamin.

I need to force myself to drink at least 1.5l of water starting from breaking fast till sahur as I am starting to feel the effect of lack of water and dehydration.

Strength training tonight, Faisal.

Saw them at Pasir Ris Park this morning

Wednesday Cycle: Much Ado About Nothing

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

26.78 km

1hr 05m 33s

25.92 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/831127181750398513

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/257487


Weight before cycling: 76.8kg

Weight after cycling: 77.0kg

That’s after losing gallons of sweat during the ride.

Does it make sense?

Oh well…

Not forgetting, how do you pronounce the name of this infamous volcano; the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano?

I forget my yoghurt???


Tuesday Morning Run & Cycle: Guilty As Charged


Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


29m 09s

07:34 min/km

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/226127173613355471

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/254967


Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

24.49 km

1hr 03m 27s

23.16 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/951127173671417121

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/254975


After reading Syah’s latest post, Guilty Run, I was so overcome with guilt that I told myself that I need to log in a run today by hook or by crook. Nothing will stop me unless the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano pays this country an unwelcome visit.

Luckily it didn’t, as this morning’s weather was just nice for a quick warm up run as the sun decided to sleep in. It was so cooling that I decided to have my bicycle ride straightaway after the run.

Then did I realise why a combination of a swim – bike, bike – run or any of that permutations is called a “brick” session as my quadriceps started to transform themselves into those heavy bricks that are used to construct buildings. My legs were so exhausted that I was really hoping that my three rounds around the Pasir Ris Park would end as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, I didn’t suffer from any cramps or injuries of that sort though I really pushed hard all the way. Hopefully these two sessions will absolve me from any guilty feelings for not clocking any runs or cycles these past few days.

Friday Afternoon Cycle: My New Mantra

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

26.78 km

1hr 14m 27s

21.59 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/448127142147117934

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/246673





The ride just now was superb.

A quick downpour from the cummulonimbus upstairs at the end helped to keep my bike in spick and span condition.

But my running shoes and swimming tights are growing mould in them.





Friday Afternoon Cycle: Picture Perfect

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

26.94 km

1hr 05m 10s

24.80 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/867127081417726503

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/232268

Supplementary Exercises:

Chin-up: 3 X 3

Plank: 3 X 60secs


As the storm clouds languidly gathered overhead, any lingering thoughts of an afternoon training ride seemed slim. But alas it was just a false alarm as those threatening overcasts parted to reveal a glorious deep blue of a sky. With the sun still in hiding, there was not a better time to be outdoors while enjoying the luxury that nature provided.

What better way to ride then to be accompanied by a picturesque backdrop of the turquoise sea, helping to distract the torture of pushing the mucles to brink of their threshold. One can be mistaken that he was in Kona, the mecca for the ultimate event of the Ironman series, as those same crosswind battered the exhausted body of the said cyclist.

But a sudden wift of the bbq smoke, brought everything back into reality, as the weekend park-goers started to congregate again. While Pasir Ris Park is not Kona, I think it’s close enough to daydream.

Wednesday Dusk Cycle: I See Blood!

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

23.32 km

1hr 10m 57s

19.72 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/470127064379674846

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/228369



Nearly more than two weeks of inactivity makes Yours Truly a dull, fat blob.

A well-deserved rest; after taking nearly a thousand photographs for my sister’s mehndi party with her girlfriends, austere solemnisation ceremony and joyous marriage reception, was certainly due.

And an unexpected minor accident last Saturday meant an extended delay from a return to my normal physical activities.

I would love to share some of the photos from my sister’s Big Day (sorry Syah!) but due to my lack of speed editing those photos I guess I have to put that plan on hold.

As for my minor bicycle misadventure on my Old Piece of Junk, all I have to show for my lack of cornering skills at high speed, are a totally scraped left knee, a bruised right knee, two sore wrists and a badly torn pants that I just bought.

Oh yah, not forgetting a loss of $100 due to the repairs; broken right gear shifter and fauly front brake, that my dear OPOJ needs.



Other than that, as expected due to my absence from any semblence of exercises of any form for about a fortnight, today’s ride was a bit of struggle. I am not too sure how much of itΒ  was from the side-effect of my platelet donation that I did a few hours before, though I’ve heard advices prohibiting any strenous exercises for 24 hours after donating blood.

Hmm, maybe I should heed the sagely words of those nurses.

My Blood Entering The Centrifuge Machine

Left Red Packet: My Whole Blood / Right Yellow Packet: My Platelets

Finally, in other news, my application to volunteer for this week’s upcoming OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2010 , has been approved by the organising committee.

I have been assigned as a Swim Marshall, so for those taking part this Sunday; so far I only know of Kooky Kash, do say hi to me aight while you guys and gals are getting ready to start your swim or after exiting the waters. On my part. I will try to give a look-out for any familiar faces though I can’t give my words that I can recognise any of you, especially with these myopic eyes of mine.

But the bad news is that I need to report for duty at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m.


p/s: Sorry for this disjointed and gramatically incorrect piece of prose. Two weeks without any writings have certainly taken its toll on my train of thoughts. πŸ˜›