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Saturday Swim: A Liberating Morning



5 laps – 60m


Yesterday’s run at dusk and the night’s weight training took its toll this morning.

Been planning to do a run this morning since there is no more Saturday morning Mendaki tuition class, but my body refused to get up.

I know, it’s just excuses. ๐Ÿ˜›

But since I’ve made plan for a swim at my friend’s residence this morning, I know I had to force myself out of my lazy cocoon.

My last swim was on the 5th of August which is more than two months ago.

I was a bit apprehensive that this old pakcik may have forgotten the techniques learned.

So with a bit of trepidation I started and was quite pleased that I still remember how to swim.


My aim today was to try to simulate swimming half a lap; 50 meters, in an Olympic-size pool.

So my plan was to swim 30 meters, which is half a lap in my friend’s condo pool, turn around, and immediately continue on the return half lap.

But sad to say, in the return lap, I stopped with a quarter distance to go.

Certainly felt disappointed as this mean I am still unable to swim 50 meters straight without resting.

Nonetheless, I continued swimming another 4 laps I think, with the last lap being a lung-bursting sprint lap.

And to end it all, my friend commented that my legs are sinking while I was swimming.

But don’t all fat hippos do that when they swim?


Wednesday Morning Exercises


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


40m 22s


7.24 km/hr




Started fine enough. Middle phase was filled with tightness in the lower legs. Last phase was better as the tightness miraculously vanished into thin air.



15 laps – 60m


Didn’t know why but the fatigue from this morning’s run was absent once I hit the pool. Thought of doing 13 laps but after 10 laps I was still feeling okay. So I did another 5 but interspersed them with 30m sprints as I began to feel bored with my slow swim per lap. It was certainly tiring but the feeling of having given my all was certainly priceless and definitely fun.




p/s: My Brooks Defyance has hit a milestone of 100km. Woohoo! This purchase was certainly a great investment. May we achieve more mileage together. ๐Ÿ˜›

Monday Morning Exercises


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


33m 42s


7.24 km/hr



Initial stage was great as I really felt comfortable.

So went out a bit faster.

But upon reaching the overhead bridge my left lower leg started to tighten considerably.

So on the way back, I had to loosen my left shoe as my leg had expanded quite a bit.

Slowed down a lot on the last stage to prevent any untowards incident from happening.

All in, I’m happy!



13 laps – 60m

Swam an extra 3 laps from my usual 10 laps.

Need to put in extra mileage as school is starting soon and there’ll be lesser time for swimming pracitces.

Plus the holy of month of Ramadhan is fast approaching, so that rules out swimming in the day and I’m not sure if I can swim at night time, with the terawihs and all.



The Final Piece Of The Jigsaw

Well, since I first embarked on this fitness journey, my main aim is always to lose weight since my weight now is 10kg over my normal weight. But my hidden aim is to keep the disease, diabetes, at bay as my family has a long history fighting this disease. So I am at a real risk of contracting it, compounded with the ever increasing waistline. As you all know, one of the sure-fire ways to gauge your risk of getting diabetes is by inspecting our own waistline; the bigger it is the higher the risk.

So, my journey started with something relatively easy, running. You can’t really go wrong with running as it is the normal human locomotive progression from crawling and walking. It is also an activity that is not so strenuous, well I’m a slow snail, considering my torn ligaments in both my knees. After I was infected with the running bug, I was naturally attracted to the sport of triathlon, the holy trinity of swimming, cycling and running. There’s a masochistic beauty in triathlon that I admire, that my interest turn into fascination.

However, lo and behold, though I can run and cycle, my ability to propel myself in a body of water is non-existence. I should be ashamed of calling myself an island boy living in this beautiful island of Temasek. I can breastroke myself a bit but it takes a huge toll on my faulty and creaky knees. After some reading, I discovered that the freestyle or the front crawl, is the most common and efficient stroke to use in triathlon. But I know zilch about this particular swimming style.

Thus, I set myself the goal of learning the freestyle during this last month of my school holidays. Now, it has been two weeks since I’ve started learning from a buddy of mine, scrutinising the YouTube videos, poring over the threads in the beginnertriathlete forum and lending an ear to a nenek tua who has been dispensing sagely advices from time to time.

The beginning was seriously torturous due to my innate fear of water. And I couldn’t even float as the thick tree trunk I call my thighs keep pulling my body down. But suffice to say, I think my Hell Week is finally over as this week marks a milestone in my swimming endeavour. I have been swimming for five days straight from Monday till today, Friday. I’m glad to say my thrashings in the water have begun to resemble some semblance of the freestyle and I have managed to swim till the halfway point of the pool. So yay to me!

Now, what’s left of the jigsaw puzzle is to spend more time in the pool to perfect and finetune the strokes and make myself more comfortable in the water. And I’m long overdue to have my knees consulted by an orthopedic.