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Saturday Run & Swim: Fires Burning


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


41m 37s

08:14 min/km

7.22 km/hr




Sengkang Swimming Complex

600 metres

Alternate front crawl and frog style

Rest every 50m


Since I had a class to teach after today’s morning run, I started the run with the mindset to do it quick and get it over and done with so that I would have some time to spare before I cycled to class. Alas, that proved to be my undoing since running at a fast pace early on would just bring about the cramps. Thus I had to walk for a while to relieve the tightness before continuing on as the cramp subsided.

Other than that, the weather is getting hotter as the days go on. The cycle back home after my class was such a draining affair that I have a headache until now. Even the swim under the shade at the Sengkang Swimming Complex didn’t really alleviate the heat in my body that much. Not too sure how will I survive the ride next week in this burning condition.


So guys and gals, do remember to drink more water aight.

Friday Night Swim: One Small Step For Man

Sengkang Swimming Complex


450 metres

Rest every 50m


That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind – Neil Armstrong

Well not that my small step in improvement will significantly alter the course of mankind. But knowing that I start from having zero ability to execute the front crawl, well I’ll take any small improvement I can get.

I think I can see some miniscule form of progress in my freestyle aka front crawl. If on previous swims I have to stop to catch my breath every 30m, now I can swim the whole length (50m) before taking a short break.

Unfortunately, we arrived at the swimming complex a bit late so the swim workout just now had to be cut short.

Next time then.

Tuesday Night Swim

Sengkang Swimming Complex


700 metres

Rest every 30m


Well, backstroke is way less taxing than freestyle. Swimming breaststroke for 50m doesn’t really pose much of a problem surprisingly. But this doesn’t mean I should give freestyle a miss because in triathlon the front crawl is de rigeur in my opinion. So I envisage more front crawl trainings ahead, mixed with the breaststroke.

As a side note, I can still remember the old times, specifically during National Service, when I went for the compulsory swimming test as part of my Basic Military Training. The benchmark was to swim breaststroke along the whole length of the Olympic-sized pool. Alas, I could only swim halfway before waving the figurative white flag.

Boo me!

Therefore, nowadays whenever I touch the wall after swimming breaststroke non-stop, I will still reminisce those dark episodes of being a diver, a term coined for military recruits who can’t swim but sink in the water.


Christmas Swim and Bodyweight Exercises

Sengkang Swimming Complex


600 metres

Rest every 30m

Week 1 Day 3 Push up Sit up
11 17
15 22
9 14
9 14
16 21
Total 60 88


It was a productive day today after fitting in two workout sessions. The swim today was awesome due to the great company and the swimming complex was not as crowded as expected considering today is a public holiday.

The highlights would surely be the 100m added to my previous swimming total distance. I also discovered that swimming breaststroke or frogstyle is not as hard as I once assumed it to be. I managed to backstroke 50m straight and didn’t feel breathless after that.

If only I can feel the same after swimming freestyle…

Sunday Morning Swim: Super Fun

Sengkang Swimming Complex


500 metres (Estimate: Lost count)

Rest every 30m


Had great fun swimming with my cousin and his fiancee at the latest swimming complex to be constructed in Singapore.

Sengkang Swimming Complex was developed as part of an integrated lifestyle hub with all the ammenities and facilities such as the community centre, fitness centre, hockey cum football stadium and the swimming complex, all adjacent to one another.

The highlight of this new swimming complex is the shaded learners’ pool. I have never come across a covered swimming pool before, and I assume so were the hundreds of swimmers I saw in the pool just now. It was so crowded with groups of little baby swimmers with their tiny heads bobbing up and down, newbies or noobs who swam across the pool, along its width and not length, thus cutting into those swimming laps and also adults learning how to swim.

The Sengkang Swimming Complex also has a few water slides built for those in need of some adrenaline rush. For scaredy-cats like me, a ride into two of those, had me waving the white flag. But for those with greater bravado, surely you will not have enough of all the water slides.

Okay enough superlatives about the new swimming complex. In terms of my swimming, I am becoming more comfortable in the water. My breathing is improving due to my better body rotation. The break time at the end of every 25m has considerably shortened. I’m positive that in the near future, I will be able to finally swim the 50m length of the pool a few times without taking a break in the middle. Just need to practise more.


Friday Afternoon Swim: The Milestone

Geylang East Swimming Complex


300 metres

3 laps – 50 metres



The moment I was waiting for with bated breath finally came to fruition during my swim just now.

As I have been swimming in my friend’s condominium pool, since I started this foray, I have never tried testing myself to swim a length of a standard-sized Olympic pool.

You may wonder what’s the big deal right?

You see, my friend’s pool like most private condominium pool is of irregular shape.

So the most I can swim without my sinking hippo feet touching the floor is only 30 metres.

And I’m basically at the goodwill of my friend letting me use the pool.

He’s been very generous in this department until I’ve become a common face at the pool.

There was even a time where I used my ninja skills to enter the condo without my friend knowing.

Imagine how surprise he looked when I stood in front of his door.

Sorry back to the main agenda. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think now it’s best for me to not inconvenience my friend too much and so I thought it’s best to start training in the public pool.

But the public pool is very deep, 3 metres deep specifically at the centre of the pool.

For strong swimmers like all of you it’s of insignificance concern but for a water-phobic like me, I’m terrified as hell.

However all this change last Wednesday when another of my friend accompanied me to the public pool.

I didn’t manage to complete a length of the pool without stopping.

But today, I finally did it.

For only 1 length of the pool, all 50 metres of it, I managed to complete that distance without stopping.

It was really tough and subsequently I couldn’t replicate my maiden effort.

But it’s ok.

It’s like finally breaking the proverbial wall.

And I really hope, my swim will continue to progress positively.

Give me the strength!

Monday Morning Mini Triathlon: When nothing goes well


Tampines โ€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


32m 01s

08:38 min/km

6.94 km/hr




360 metres

6 laps – 60 metres

Rest every 30 metres




Not a good day.

Slept late last night because of the F1 Brazilian GP ended at the ungodly hour of 3am.

Not to use this as an excuse, the lack of sleep certainly contributed to the low level of energy stored in my body.

To compound this situation, I didn’t bother to massage my lower left leg which cramped up in last night’s run.

So although today was considered an easy run, my lower left leg decided to tighten itself and this forced me to walk for a few minutes to shake off the cramp.


Swim was none the better as my form was totally out although after reading a few suggestions by Kooky Kash.

Need to practise more as there’s no shortcut to this.

Come on Fat Pakcik!

You can do this!