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Saturday Showdown

Level 2 Day 3

For time = 4m 03s
13 chin-ups
26 push-ups
26 squats

Supplementary Exercises:

Crunches: 25 X 3

Back Extensions: 25 X 3


Woohoo! 4 mins 03 secs for my Judgement Day workout. That’s like more than 25 secs faster than my last Judgement Day attempt. The energy must have come from all the ketupats and cookies I have gobbled up since yesterday. Pretty stoked about it but I am literally breathless right now.

From my analysis, to ace this test, each of the three exercises should be best completed in one sitting. But if it’s not possible, then the least, is to perform the push-ups at one go. If a rest or two is required in between all the three exercises, the time taken will be usually more than 5 minutes.

Kay that’s all, tomorrow on the third day of Hari Raya, I wil be running the 10km Singapore Bay Run leisurely with my supportive cousin insya-Allah in our baju kurungs and sampings. Hoping to see Kooky Kash, Sasha and Sam too.

Look out for the update tomorrow aight.



Saturday Late Night Workout: Leaving On A Jet Plane

Level 1 Day 3

For time = 4m 22s
10 pull-ups
21 push-ups
21 squats


Missed yesterday’s cycling and Simplefit workout as I pored over nearly 2000 photographs from my sister’s wedding. Then came the task of selecting the acceptable shots and editing them to cover any flaws from my lack of photographic ability. The whole process took the whole day and night and I finally hit the sack at 3 a.m. this morning.

This is all due to my sister’s departure tonight to the city of the Big Ben and the River Thames. She will start her new life there with her beloved husband and hopefully those wedding photos she took along will rekindle the sweet memories of their special day.

I’m not sure if she does read this training log of mine. But if you somehow come across this, I just want to say that I love you.

Take care Sis.


My Lovely Sis & My Dashing New Brother

And I can’t stop the tears from streaming down.

Saturday Run & Swim: Fires Burning


Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


41m 37s

08:14 min/km

7.22 km/hr




Sengkang Swimming Complex

600 metres

Alternate front crawl and frog style

Rest every 50m


Since I had a class to teach after today’s morning run, I started the run with the mindset to do it quick and get it over and done with so that I would have some time to spare before I cycled to class. Alas, that proved to be my undoing since running at a fast pace early on would just bring about the cramps. Thus I had to walk for a while to relieve the tightness before continuing on as the cramp subsided.

Other than that, the weather is getting hotter as the days go on. The cycle back home after my class was such a draining affair that I have a headache until now. Even the swim under the shade at the Sengkang Swimming Complex didn’t really alleviate the heat in my body that much. Not too sure how will I survive the ride next week in this burning condition.


So guys and gals, do remember to drink more water aight.

Weekend Workouts


Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


27m 05s

07:28 min/km

8.02 km/hr




East Coast Park


36m 58s

08:05 min/km

7.41 km/hr




Did two runs this weekend.



Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Race Pack Collection & Saturday Night Long Run

8th Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Anniversary Special Race Entry Pack Collection

And so I was one of the lucky souls to be selected for this special race entry pack collection. All I did was to take part in their ballotting and 8000 SCSM participants will be randomly from the received ballots.

This special race entry pack collection is held today and tomorrow at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. There was practically no queue when I went there with my friend this afternoon. We breezed through the yellow maze that had been set up.

Then all that we needed to do was to hand in our NRIC and after scanning it, we were given our race pack containing the race bib, an Encouragement bib, a ChampionChip timing device, an SCSM New Balance running singlet, the race day handbook plus the standard paraphernalia. Everything was over in less than 5 minutes.

Other than that, there was a single booth selling the bus tickets that will ferry the runners from the various stadiums around the island. It costs only $5 and the buses will stop near the baggageΒ  deposit area on race day.

Finally, for those collecting their race entry packs next week, I hope you will have minimal inconvenience on the day. Most like I’ll come down to the Singapore Expo to have a look and see if there are any booths selling discounted running items. So if you see me please say hi aight. πŸ˜›


The ERP Gantry

No queues is good news

I am under this category

What's inside the bag?

Tampines – Pasir Ris MRT Track – Pasir Ris Park – Pasir Ris Town Park


1hr 17m 57s

08:01 min/km

7.48 km/hr




Went for my last long run before my SCSM 10km run next Sunday. Alhamdulillah since I started slow during the first phase of the run, I did not suffer any cramps and could finish the second phase strongly.


Saturday Night EZ Run: Where’s Wally?

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


32m 08s

08:39 min/km

6.93 km/hr



Supplementary Exercises:

Chin-up: 1 X 8

Plank: 1 X 60secs, 1 X 50secs, 1 X 40secs


An easy run under the drizzle tonight as I will be running 10km tomorrow as part of the Run for Hope ’09 charity run. Hopefully the sky will be clear or I don’t mind if the heaven opens up but not too large. πŸ˜›

Lately, the number of runners along my usual running haunt has dried up in inverse proportion to the amount of rain coming down. Even the number of cyclists has dwindled and that means I’m usually running all alone. On some lucky occasions, there’ll be another lone runner treading along the route.

Hopefully, these runners will come out of their coccoons soon or my run can get pretty boring. Unless I go and find another partner to run wih. A person of another gender will be great.


Any applicants?

Saturday Morning Run: Fat Pakcik 1 – 0 Lazy Bug

Tampines – Pasir Ris MRT Track – Downtown East – Park Connector


50m 19s

08:11 min/km

7.33 km/hr




It started to pour since yesterday night and the cool temperature this morning seemed bent on preventing me from having my morning run. Although my running arsenal if you may want to call it, such as my arm-band for my handphone, ID wristband, watch, water-bottle and my running singlet had been laid nicely, I still took like 2 hours before conjuring up the willpower to leave the house and start the run. Luckily the lady lazy bug was defeated or I am sure I will be dozing off until now.


For today’s run, I went on a longer distance as per scheduled. Remembering about the cramps I’ve been experiencing, my pace today was purposely slow. Until I’ve increased my running base would then I will gradually increase my pace a little bit at a time.

Other than the usual loneliness that followed me, today’s run to Pasir Ris Park allowed me to spot a small dragon in this urban jungle I call home. I’m not really sure if it’s the komodo dragon, but it certainly look like one albeit a little bit smaller. Maybe it’s the mini version. I don’t know. But it’s appearance is certainly a delight.

Other than that, no cramps today.