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OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2010: The Pink Swim Cap

Pink Swim Cap

While most of us know that the ultimate answer to life, universe and everything is the humble 42, Syah once requested in one of my posts for the swim techniques of those elite triathletes that would be competing in the OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2010.

Well Syah, after a quick analysis of their swim and attire during yesterday’s hotly contested race under the blazing sun, I have concluded that it all lies down to their swim cap. Yes, that trivial swim cap which is primarily adorned for safety purposes and easy identifaction in the open sea.

The Elite Men With Their Pink Swim Caps

You see Syah, it was because of these caps that they swim like the dolphins as which man in the correct frame of mind will wear anything pink. They would rather be dead than be caught red handed wearing this striking neon pink accessory on themselves. So due to this major factor, they had to swim quickly so that they can remove the abominable object once they exited from the open waters.

However, like Kash had also commented, wearing the latest 2XU or any other compression trisuits should tremendously help with the swim too and not forgetting that looking like an elite will just spur you on to race like one too.


While we are still on the subject of the pink swim cap, Kash, I remembered in of your previous comments that you once said that you lost your pink one. Do you still want it? I have one with me now from yesterday’s race.


As I needed to report at East Coast Park at 5am, I planned to leave my house at 4am. But it was really a struggle as I only managed to get some forty winks at about 3am and imagined the battle between continuing to sleep or dragging my fat ass to nearly a full day of activities under the merciless sun.

I  think what swayed me to finally pry open my eyes and have a cold bath at around 4am to shock my body, was the thought that my absence would mean that the other volunteers had to shoulder the burden of my responsiblity.

And how could I miss meeting one of my mentors for the first time ever while she embarked on her quest. I just couldn’t let this priceless opportunity slip by.

Sleep can wait.

What A Beautiful Morning

Reporting at the Volunteer Tent was systematic and I received my navy blue volunteer T-shirt, tag and breakfast in no time. Next was the briefing on our tasks ahead before we proceeded to the beach front at the swim start. As Swim Marshalls, my fellow volunteers and I, were entrusted to make sure that the triathletes were accounted for before they enter into the starting pen.

While waiting for the start proper, us fellow volunteers had an informal break-the-ice session as we got to know one another. I had two former Ironmen volunteering their time with me while most of the others were students from River Valley High School who came down togather as a class to contribute their time.

These guys were really fantastic and performed their roles as diligently as possible without nary any complaints thoug by 9am, the sun was beating unrelentlessly on us.


After a quick lunch of steamed rice with black pepper chicken, sweet and sour fish and spicy scrambled egg, my head was starting to throb. The lack of sleep was starting to take its toll and a constant numbing headache was threatening to rear its ugly head.

Fortunately, I met Kash again after a short introduction during her swim start. She was sitting with her brother Azam on the side kerb when we had our chance meeting. After another fast introduction all around, it was time to talk business. She regaled me with stories of her past adventures and the challenges she had to overcome. One of those that struck me to the core was how she recounted with great pride the success of her two children in the Kid’s category the previous day.

By then, I did not have anymore excuses to offer for not participating in any triathlons as if her two young “prides and joys” could do it, why can’t I? What more motivations and inspirations should I look for if not for the endeavours of these fine young examples and their Super Mom.

Thanks Kash for all your advices and till we meet again.

All in, I had an excellent time volunteering in a superbly organised event. Kudos to the Triathlon Association of Singapore, OSIM as the main sponsor, other sponsors, my wonderful fellow volunteers and the triathletes themselves for putting up a great show.

Would I volunteer again next year?

Paricipant or volunteer?

Hmm… That’s a tough one.


One Day I Will Wear This

International Triathlon Union Official And The Two Elite Women

The Elite Men Battling Out

Shahrom Abdullah: Malaysia's Sole Elite Representative

OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2010: A Preview

First of all since I am not lucid enough while composing this, I will adjourn writing the official post for the OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2010 when I have my sanity and more than an ounce of energy back with me.

I just want to give a shout out to Kooky Kash.

It was great meeting her; Azam, her brother and Amir, her college friend.

It was also a terrific day working with a group of amiable volunteers; the young and the veterans.

Insya-Allah the next post will be more detailed with a sprinkling of photos to accompany.

Adios everyone!