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Friday Night Cycle

Tampines-Loyang-Changi-Changi Coastal Road-Changi-Loyang-Tampines Bike Route


1h 45m




A good quick workout.

Training my quads to get use to cycle longer distances.

Having a cycling buddy also helps to kill the boredom.


Monday Night Cycle: An Unforgettable Experience

Tampines-Loyang-Changi-Changi Coastal Road-Changi-Loyang-Tampines Bike Route


1h 30m





Just came back from a long solo ride; by my standard, following the same route I cycled last time.

As per the previous time, the first half of the ride was uneventful.

Not many riders tonight but I encountered a few runners running the same route as the Sundown Marathon.

Hats off to them for having the mental fortitude to run along the desolate, dreary and dark route.

After a brief stretch at the half-way point, loosening my tight quads, and taking a breather, I started to make my way back.

Lo and behold, the unexpected happened.

By back wheel just refused to turn.

Initially, I assumed maybe the rear brakes were jammed.

A quick check showed that they were prefectly fine.

Next I thought the gears were stuck somewhere, so I inspected it to make sure it was in the correct mesh; and it was.

By now, I was all alone at the end of the Coastal Road with only the street lamps as company with the thick vegetation as the background.

The dark started to engulf and the mind started to run wild.

To say I’m quite a noob in cycling is not really accurate as I had my fair share of fixing small bike problems.

I have never experienced this in my whole cycling life and everything in the bicycle was perfect except that the wheel didn’t want to revolve.

It seemed there was another greater force holding on to it and only with my two hands at maximum effort that I managed to turn it albeit just a bit.

Even when I tried to pedal, the rear wheel remained stationary.

It started to feel eerie and I thought of asking my friend or father to fetch me home but I didn’t want to disturb them.

I contemplated of dragging my bike home, all 15km of it.

Then I decided to take a break and calm myself and recite a few zikirs.

I tried one last time to push the bike and fortunately the back wheel rotated.


Although my first reaction was to just pedal my ass off back home, I calmed myself and pedal smoothly.

The important thing was not to look back.

Jangan Pandang Belakang!

Had a brief chat and joke with my buddy and telling him to be ready in case the same thing happened again on my way back.

Luckily I reached home in one piece.

And oh yah, amidst all the horror, I managed to break my previous PB of 17.77km/hr as I recorded 20.44km/hr this time around.

Not bad considering I was not on a roadie and my bike can be called at best; a piece of junk, you know the kind which the construction workers cycled to work with, creaking and groaning at every revolution and changing gears is like a torture.

In case you wondered, I broke my previous PB not because I was afraid of the incident, it was just that there was another bike in front on my way home and I tried to catch him but his pace was too fast.

And I was overtaken by three roadies at Changi Village.


To give you an idea of the place that the incident took place, I’ve uploaded an image at the same spot that I photographed during my last solo ride there on 13 Feb ’09.

The Place Where It Happened

The Place Where It Happened

Sunday Night Easy Run

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


30mins 09secs


7.08 km/hr



Went on an easy run.

Slight tightness can still be felt