Tuesday Night Run: Still Feeling Fine

I’m happy that my fitness hasn’t deteriorated badly after the indulges during the past weekend. Other than that, there’s nothing much to report except that it is dark running at night.


It’s just that, I need to take extra precaution for every step I took due to my unstable knees. And oh yeah, I nearly puke out my sambal sotong and rice at the end of the run. That would be gross to say the least.

Alright adios!


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A fat guy who wants to exercise and keep fit so that he will be healthy and combat the impending danger of diabetes that is hereditary. View all posts by Mechattax

5 responses to “Tuesday Night Run: Still Feeling Fine

  • sasha farina

    thanks FaisaL! next one is stanchart but did you see the route? exactly like SIngapore Bay RUn! quite boring ah.. and i hate the route. now rasa macam tak nak lari pulak. lol.

    becareful running at night k. and don’t stare at anyone. keep your head down. i risau!

  • Faisal

    You are welcome kak. 🙂

    Yup it’s a bit similar but this time we’re not passing near the Fountain of Wealth. If you want you can join me and my cousins, 2 guys + 1 gal during the event. Taklah boring sangat.

    Anyway what’s the story abt the ‘staring and keeping head down’? Hmm… This is intriguing..

  • i am sam

    lari mlm2 no gd…co2 lvl hi…bad for body…btw, keep on running…

  • sasha farina

    alah.. yang kat downtown tu. stare punya pasal, kena stab. takut! 😦 i dunno yet if i nak lari lah.. lemme think about it 🙂 thanks Faisal!

  • Faisal

    Suave Sam – Hehe thanks for the advice Abg Sam.

    Sassy Sasha – I’ll keep that in mind. I think that incident is a one-off event but we can never be too careful ya.

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