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Thursday Afternoon Run: Unconfined Compressive Strength Test

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector

Will be doing the Simplefit Level 3 Day 2 after the maghrib prayers…

Level 3 Day 2

5 rounds for time = 4m 34s
3 pull-ups
10 push-ups
16 squats


I tried using the cheap compression tights that I bought online for the first time during the run and Simplefit workout. It’s not those fanciful Skins or 2XU compression garments that cost an arm and a leg.

I can’t convincingly say that it helps but I managed to cut one minute from the previous run and shaved off a few more seconds for the Simplefit Level 3 Day 2 workout.

Maybe the compression really helps or maybe it’s just the placebo effect. Or maybe I’m just getting stronger and faster.



Tuesday Afternoon Run: Syiok Ah!

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector

The legs are still sore but what better way to loosen them all than by going out for an easy run. The weather today is perfectly good with nary a sign of the haze.

Haze, haze go away, come again another day.

Big, fat monsters want to play.


Monday Night Workout – Let’s Go

Level 3 Day 1

Maximum rounds in 20 min = 19 sets

2 chin-ups
3 push-ups
5 squats

Supplementary Exercises:

Crunches: 25 x 3

Back Extensions: 25 x 3

Hanging parallel leg raises: 10 x 1


Alhamdulillah I survive another round of this killer workout (by my standards). I managed to perform one more extra set from the previous time and I am slowly inching towards my target of 20 sets.

But it doesn’t mean that by performing 20 sets I am entitled to progress to the next level. I still need to pass the Judgement Day test of completing the test under 5 mins.

So there’s still a long way to go.

So let’s go!



The challenge:

Friendly banter

The views:

Sea of green

The view at the finishing point

The uique finisher medal:

The finisher toy

I had fun; thanks to my cousin and cousin-to-be.


Thursday Afternoon Run: Haze Is Back

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector

I was contemplating whether to scrap today’s leisure run as the haze was certainly conspicous as I peered out of my window this afternoon.

The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) website was down; most likely from a sudden influx of visits from concerned citizens, so I couldn’t get the latest Pollutant Standards Index (PSI).

But considering that I haven’t been moving my big fat ass for so long, I took the jump though keeping in mind of the awful weather and my lingering cough.

Alhamdulillah the run went well and my legs were not suffering from any major problems. A few more runs and I’m sure the kinks will be ironed out by Sunday.

As for an update, the latest news is that the PSI has touched 108, the worst since 2006 and the NEA web is still down. So take care guys and listen to your body as you go out for your exercise.


Wednesday Afternoon Run: Excuses

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector

Getting into the groove again after running out of excuses to stay dormant at home and piling on the pounds.

The flu and cough has subsided, the house has been renovated and the only thing stopping myself from getting active again is my mind.

I’ll talk about mental strength and my apparent weakness of it some other times.

Like Sam used to say, “Nowadays its more mind over matter…U muz understand our mind is v powerful …”

Thanks Sam and Kash and countless others for your positive words.

I know I can.


To Kash, Sam, Running Mom, Syah, Nik and the rest of the Malaysian running gang, I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to cheer you guys and gals on during the recently concludedTNF. I really wanted to but my health didn’t permit. Insya-Allah some other times aight. Congratulations on completing the brutal run.


Monday Afternoon Workout – A Change of Pace and Place

Level 3 Day 1

Maximum rounds in 20 min = 18 sets

2 chin-ups
3 push-ups
5 squats

Supplementary Exercises:

Crunches: 25 X 3

Back Extensions: 25 X 3



Slowly but surely the sets keep increasing signalling that I’m on the correct path.

From now on I couldn’t perform the Simplefit program in the comfort of my own house like I used to as the house is currently undergoing renovation and the ledge at the top of the door has been removed as part of the make-over. Therefore I can no longer perform my chin-ups using that ledge and hence has to do the chin-ups at the small Tampines North Park near my block.


On a positive note, I found it easier to execute the chin-ups using the standard pull-up bars that can be found at almost any fitness corner. I totally blitzed my way through the first five sets before taking it easy for the next five. But due to my earlier exuberance, my arms were really struggling to do the next eight sets.


Kay now I have to just kick-start my cardio program again…