Wednesday Night Workout – When Nothing Goes To Plan

Level 3 Day 2

5 rounds for time = 5m 50
3 pull-ups
10 push-ups
16 squats

Supplementary Exercises:

Crunches: 25 X 3

Back Extensions: 25 X 3


Well the initial plan for today was to go for my first swim in the morning at the Tampines Swimming Complex after a long time of not doing so. Then I will head to the Bloodbank @ HSA to do my monthly platelets donation before going to school.

Then I had to cancel all that as I need to be in school at 9am for some practical training for my Final Year Project and with the 1.5hrs of journey in the bus and MRT, I had to cancel my swimming session and postpone my platelets donation.

And as it turned out, the heavens opened up just as I reached Boon Lay and that meant my outdoor practical session would be postponed to the afternoon. So there I was stuck in the library when the time spent could be used to donate my platelets.

Oh well.

My diet plan is not going according to plan too. I just can’t tamper my temptation to eat and I’m feeling like a pregnant woman (I look nearly the same with my bulging tummy). I’ve eaten so many fried chickens that I’m sure my arteries are clogged with their fatty acids. Not to mention the amount of rice I’ve consumed. I’m ashamed of myself. I need to search for the willpower to resist the desire to eat a lot, that I once had during Ramadhan. Maybe by starting with 5 spoonfuls of rice?


Come on Faisal!!!

For today’s workout, nothing special to report and am just glad I completed it.


*Update: Just gobbled down about ten Fat Pakcik $250 Chocolate Chip Cookies while watching the individual time-trial of the Vuelta a España. See…



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5 responses to “Wednesday Night Workout – When Nothing Goes To Plan

  • kooky kash

    c’mon faisal, you can do it. half way there. Do you know that there are dioxins present in fatty foods. And it is then stored in our fat cells if we dont metabolise fat. And these dioxins are one of the causes for cancer and other non cancerous diseases such as immune problems, diabetes etc.

    you must get rid of fatty and sugary foods. try for one week. Just resist.

    I was thinking of adopting your weight training plans. Looks like its working. keep it up!

  • Faisal

    Aiyoyo this is certainly hard. It’s downright torture. It’s like undergoing cold turkey if cold turkey really feels like this.

    Dunno how you and Sam can manage to win this battle.

    The black pepper ayam panggang at the school’s food court is calling out my name. The curry puffs and chicken wings at Old Chang Kee downstairs are crying out for me to buy them.

    And all I have beside me right now while typing this in the library is a quarter filled mineral water.


  • SAM

    whenever i wanna eat sumting that will cause more harm than good, i picture it in my mind d worst picture i can imagine n in tt way it will turn me off…i m serious…that is how i keep away fr so-called unhealthy food…nowadays its more mind over matter…u muz understand our mind is v powerful …cubalah…

  • kooky kash

    faisal, give urself one cheat meal a week. The rest of the days, eat clean. Boleh? 🙂

  • Faisal

    Thanks guys!

    I admit my mental is still weak. This week is a total waste though I’ve tried my best.

    Tomorrow is a different story.

    I know I can!

    Come on!!!

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