Daily Archives: August 9, 2010

I Am Back… Hopefully

Level 1 Day 1

Maximum rounds in 20 min = 25 sets

1 pull-ups
2 push-ups
3 squats

Supplementary Exercises:

Crunches: 15 X 3

Back Extensions: 15 X 3


Well well!

It’s been nearly three months since I logged into this account and I guess I can count myself lucky for still being able to remember my own username and password.

My working attachment has been a blast but my fitness has taken a dive for the worse, what’s with the eating, snacking and stuffing my mouth all the time during working hours and being completely lazy to do anything after work and tuition. Not that I didn’t have any energy to embark on any physical activities, it was just that the Lazy Bug got the better of me and I succumbed to its hypnotic trance.

For those working adults who still manage to find time and energy to exercise deserve the utmost respect from me and for those working parents who still manage to find time and energy to exercise, you guys deserve to be put on a pedestal and have a hall of fame.


A new dawn has arrived and in conjunction with Singapore’s 45th year of freedom, I guess I should emancipate myself from the stranglehold of the Lazy Bug and try to crawl my way back into the fitness journey. I would anticipate a journey fraught with its own unique challenges but I hope with the support of my virtual friends whom I have ignored (I am sorry for that), I shall persevere.

Thank you guys for taking your time to read this and insya-Allah I will reciprocate by visiting your blogs in time to come. I have missed much of the actions and it’s time for some payback.


p/s: If someone you are interested in goes incommunicado, what does it mean?