Sunday North East Run & Monday Dusk Cycle



Pasir Ris Park


43m 01s

08:53 min/km





Tampines – Pasir Ris Park

27.91 km

1hr 16m 26s

21.9 km/hr


1.5km To Go

Yesterday’s North East Run at Pasir Ris Park was a blast as it was the first time I ever joined a race or a run with my family members. Therefore, like I had stated in my last post, my aim for this race was just to take it easy, have fun, snap some photos of my cousins running and ultimately motivate my cousins who for some were taking part in their maiden running event.

I was so glad that they managed to finish the run strongly, which was evident from their smiles after the run and the best part was that they are now poisoned with the running virus that I’ve infected upon them. May this run be the precusor to more running events for all of us.

And the gorgeous-looking medal was certainly a bonus.

Cun Beb!


p/s: Anyone joining the KL Marathon on 27 June 2010? There’s separate pricing for Singaporeans (thanks!!!) and it’s definitely more affordable than last year’s. Should I make this my first overseas 10km running event?

May make this a short weekend getaway inclusive of a run to boot.

I miss KL’s halal Subway Foot-Long too.



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2 responses to “Sunday North East Run & Monday Dusk Cycle

  • kooky kash

    the medal sgt cun!

    Come to KL, I provide support from the bike, but don’t expect anything as well organised as singapore. No offense malaysia.

    Subway is not the best food here lah!

  • Faisal

    Still thinking.

    Trying to pull my cousins for this event.

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