Friday Dusk Run: I Can’t Believe This

Pasir Ris Park


35m 14s

07:01 min/km



Supplementary Exercises:

Chin-up: 1 X 9

Plank: 3 X 60secs


After the morning disappointment of having to abort my training ride abruptly, I went out on a dusk run and tried to follow this Sunday’s North East Run route.

Though my legs felt heavy early on, I felt strong on the second half of the route. As I apporached the ending point, a quick peek at my SportyPal software on my mobile phone indicated that I had been holding an average pace of around 7:08min/km which was quite fast for a tortoise like me.

And after ending the run, I looked in disbelief that myaverage pace for the whole 5km was at 7:01min/km. Something that was quite difficult to comprehend as I usually suffered from cramps if I run faster than a 7:30min/km pace and my past training logs here clearly indicate that pattern.


So is this a new PB for me or my SportyPal is just playing an illusion on my  myopic eyes?

Whatever it is, you can take nothing away from a good run and since I’m not planning to go all out this Sunday, then maybe I’ll just adopt this new timing as my new best.


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A fat guy who wants to exercise and keep fit so that he will be healthy and combat the impending danger of diabetes that is hereditary. View all posts by Mechattax

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