Sunday Chinese New Year Cycle

Tampines – Coastal Road – Tampines


2hr 24m 33s

13.68 km/hr




We went out for a cycle again this morning. With my cousin’s fiancee following for the first time, we cycled at a smell-the-flower pace. We took our own sweet time to soak in the holiday atmosphere, smelling the bbq smokes that permeated the morning air, admiring the blue water off Changi coast and observing the multitude of colourful tents that sprouted along the beach.

The clear, shady sky complemented the ride and the large number of cyclists with their high-end weight weenies served as a treat for a techie like me. I even encountered Japanese tourists with their tour agency tags pedalling leisurely on rented bikes along the Changi Park Connector Network. A first for me. It was certainly a unique way to see a new country without traipsing on the well-trodden common touristy routes.

And two plates of my auntiy’s nasi lemak and another two servings of my dad’s nasi beryani at the end capped a wonderful day today.

Xin nian kuai le!

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