Friday Night Swim: One Small Step For Man

Sengkang Swimming Complex


450 metres

Rest every 50m


That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind – Neil Armstrong

Well not that my small step in improvement will significantly alter the course of mankind. But knowing that I start from having zero ability to execute the front crawl, well I’ll take any small improvement I can get.

I think I can see some miniscule form of progress in my freestyle aka front crawl. If on previous swims I have to stop to catch my breath every 30m, now I can swim the whole length (50m) before taking a short break.

Unfortunately, we arrived at the swimming complex a bit late so the swim workout just now had to be cut short.

Next time then.


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2 responses to “Friday Night Swim: One Small Step For Man

  • amsyah

    me too, started swimming about a month ago. I am still struggling with the breathing and only managed a 25m saja.

    How do you calm yourselves while swimming? I get panicky at times and gaspig for air. rasa nye technique tak betul lah… selalunya bila habis 25m, lepas tu sure tercungap2. frust betul!

  • Faisal

    That’s good news. What you are experiencing now is exactly what I experienced when I first started. So don’t worry too much aight.

    I think the first thing that you need to do is to make yourself calm and comfortable in the water. Like my friend and Kooky Kash once advised is to practice blowing bubbles first. This has helped me tremendously as once I can breathe properly I calm down a lot.

    Next don’t be too concerned with your gasping for air after each swim as I our lungs are still struggling to keep up with the air supply. It’s exactly like how we all once started running; we couldn’t run much initially.

    Insya-Allah as we swim more, our cardivascular system will progressively improve and I’m sure our breathing will get better too.

    To more swimming, running and biking?


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