Friday Cycle & Bodyweight Exercises Tests

Pasir Ris Park


35m 30s

23.71 km/hr



Bodyweight Exercises Test

Push up: 25

Sit up: 40


As time progresses, like in any other relationships, my connection with my Prancing Zebra is developing at a good rate. My handling is much better than when I first rode on her. I still remembered the first time when I test-ride her when I was totally unsure of where to even place my hands on the drop bar; and I can proudly claim to be a cycling afficionado.

Goodness gracious me!

While others balk at the sheer boredome of road cycling events like the Giro d’Italia, de la Vuelta a España and the grandpapi of them all, Le Tour de France (I would like to add The Tour of Langkawi but it’s not telecasted here 😦 ), I love to see the micro-politics that is omnipresent during each stage of these tours. How there will always be the usual suspects of breakaway and this in turn will prompt the general classification contenders with the backing of their teams to start rallying other teams to assist them in reeling in the breakaways.

Back to the main headlines of the day, wussy me is still apprehensive of riding on the road here, so for the time being, Pasir Park will be my test track where I will train to build up my endurance before joining my local cycling group for their rides. As of now, I couldn’t even sustain an average speed of 30km/hr to keep up with them.

Besides that, I finally did my bodyweight tests for the 100 push up and 200 sit up programs and I did pretty average to say the least. So I will continue Week 3 under the second column.

Till then taking care!

Auf Wiedersehen!

p/s: If you have 5mins to spare, do visit the website and blog of an ex 400-pounder to a multiple Ironman finisher, Dan Benintendi. I do not know him personally but his story is such an inspiration and in August he’s embarking on a monumental swim from Spain to Africa.


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2 responses to “Friday Cycle & Bodyweight Exercises Tests

  • amsyah

    hi Faisal – looking better eh. I still have yet to return to my 3 sets of 25 pushups, lah. malas pun ye jugak… anyway, looking at the 100 pushup website and will give it a go. thanks for sharing, bro!

  • Faisal

    Nah, I still look flabby with spare tyres hanging out at the middle section. 😦

    Anyway all the best if you are trying the 100 push up program. 🙂

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