Sunday Run & Bike: Bittersweet Symphony


Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector – Pasir Ris Park


38m 07s

09:15 min/km

6.48 km/hr




Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector – Pasir Ris Park


1hr 10m 03s

15.74 km/hr




After the last family run during New Year’s day, we had our 2nd leisure run this morning with two additional family members joining in the fun. And like last week, today’s run was great with much chatter and teasing going on, until some didn’t realise that they had run that far for the first time ever.

I’m delighted that more of my family members are taking up this healthy lifestyle. Plans are already in place to participate in the North East Run 2010 together.


My ultimate goal is to pull the auntie-auntie and uncle-uncle generation to embark on this journey too. If Running Mom and company can do it, so can they.

However, starting the run at 9am meant that my skin will keep getting darker and blacker from what it originally is.


The sabun lulur or soap scrub, that my sister bought for her own use, but one that I’ve also been using, supposedly will whiten the skin after frequent usage, but it looks like it’s magic is not working as I am still as dark as ever and using the soap causes my skin to sting like I’ve been bitten by million fire ants at one go.

And for you who think that I am vain, hey give me a break will you. Everyone loves to look great or at most not be an eye sore to the rest. So if you have any secret remedy or petua-petua mak nenek that will aid in whitening the skin, do share aight.

Thanks yous.

About the bike in the afternoon, well, I’m a bit appalled by the lack of safety consciousness shown by some cyclists at Pasir Ris Park. Although I know that some of us are good at multi-tasking, but talking in the phone while swaying, not cycling, your bike side to side on one hand without nary a care to those around you, is a little too much right. I could complain about some other scenes that I witnessed just now, but I think it’s best I end here.

Goods nights!


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