Daily Archives: December 31, 2009

Thursday Dusk Run: And When The Stars Align

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


38m 08s

07:49 min/km

7.72 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/singapore/-singapore/872235299493

Sportypal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/116142

Supplementary Exercises:

Chin-up: 1 X 8

Plank: 1 X 60secs, 1 X 50secs, 1 X 40secs


My my my… Is my mouth really that salty or what? It was only yesterday that I wrote about dipping under the 39mins and lo and behold, I just did that during the run just now.


My initial timing during the first 1.1km was around 7mins 30secs. On normal days, running at this pace will deliver a crippling cramp to each of my legs which will result in me running at tortoise pace for the rest of the distance. But during the run just now, with no cramps inhibiting my progress, I felt really strong, Spartan strong!

And after achieving a timing of 30mins 46secs with the last 1.1km to go, then I was confident that I had to give my all if I wanted to go under 39mins.

And I did.


I think it’s the chocolate and raspberry ice-cream sandiwched between two slices of bread that did the trick.


Finally Happy New Year to all.

It has been great knowing all of you and thank you for reading.