Daily Archives: December 29, 2009

Tuesday Night Swim

Sengkang Swimming Complex


700 metres

Rest every 30m


Well, backstroke is way less taxing than freestyle. Swimming breaststroke for 50m doesn’t really pose much of a problem surprisingly. But this doesn’t mean I should give freestyle a miss because in triathlon the front crawl is de rigeur in my opinion. So I envisage more front crawl trainings ahead, mixed with the breaststroke.

As a side note, I can still remember the old times, specifically during National Service, when I went for the compulsory swimming test as part of my Basic Military Training. The benchmark was to swim breaststroke along the whole length of the Olympic-sized pool. Alas, I could only swim halfway before waving the figurative white flag.

Boo me!

Therefore, nowadays whenever I touch the wall after swimming breaststroke non-stop, I will still reminisce those dark episodes of being a diver, a term coined for military recruits who can’t swim but sink in the water.