Sunday Morning Swim: Super Fun

Sengkang Swimming Complex


500 metres (Estimate: Lost count)

Rest every 30m


Had great fun swimming with my cousin and his fiancee at the latest swimming complex to be constructed in Singapore.

Sengkang Swimming Complex was developed as part of an integrated lifestyle hub with all the ammenities and facilities such as the community centre, fitness centre, hockey cum football stadium and the swimming complex, all adjacent to one another.

The highlight of this new swimming complex is the shaded learners’ pool. I have never come across a covered swimming pool before, and I assume so were the hundreds of swimmers I saw in the pool just now. It was so crowded with groups of little baby swimmers with their tiny heads bobbing up and down, newbies or noobs who swam across the pool, along its width and not length, thus cutting into those swimming laps and also adults learning how to swim.

The Sengkang Swimming Complex also has a few water slides built for those in need of some adrenaline rush. For scaredy-cats like me, a ride into two of those, had me waving the white flag. But for those with greater bravado, surely you will not have enough of all the water slides.

Okay enough superlatives about the new swimming complex. In terms of my swimming, I am becoming more comfortable in the water. My breathing is improving due to my better body rotation. The break time at the end of every 25m has considerably shortened. I’m positive that in the near future, I will be able to finally swim the 50m length of the pool a few times without taking a break in the middle. Just need to practise more.



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