Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009


Gun time: 1hr 22mins 29secs

Watch time: 1hr 20mins 21secs

Championchip time: 1hr 20mins 09secs



Well, it’s a bitter sweet experience as an early cramp before the 1km mark derailed my whole gameplan; not that I have a comprehensive one. As my biggest nemesis since my training runs is the cramp; complained about it all the time that it became as stale as a bad cheese. Therefore, today’s set-play is very easy. Start slow and finish strong. And the I failed at both.


Preparation was as good as it can be. I drank a lot, even consuming the ORS dissolved in cold water, stretched a bit, and tried to sleep early. I even forgo the 2nd half of the football match between the Red Devils and the Hammers. All this in the bid towards preventing the cramp.

But as they always say, kita boleh merancang, tetapi Tuhan yang menentukan (we can come up with the most detailed of plans, but sometimes it will not go our way). After the flag off, I went on an easy pace which was part of the plan. But suddenly a cousin of mine saw me and decided to run beside me. I told him to run ahead as my pace was going to be snail-paced compared to him but he said that it didn’t really matter and stuck to my pace.

The thing with running with a partner is that either one will have to follow the other’s pace. As I don’t really want to slow down his run, I tried to keep up with his pace. As it was just the start, everything felt good. But the foreboding signs started to appear.

The area above my ankles started to tighten up and that is always the first tell-tale sign that my pace is too fast and that the cramp is catching up with me. And I’m not too sure why but once the cramp attacked, it is so hard for me to shake it off. So I quickly dropped my pace tremendously, hoping that it will go away.

However, the cramp loved me so much that it hanged around with me all the way. I have no other choice but to continue running albeit it was so uncomfortable. I couldn’t get into any good rythm or what some people called “The Zone”. All the while I was fearful that the cramp would turn full-blown and reduced me to a walking zombie.


By the time, the 5km sign loomed ahead, the cramp started to dissipate. I ate some M&Ms that have clumped together to give some extra boost. 😛 Then, the F1 track appeared around the corner. I’m not too sure why, but I hate running along the track. I tried to invoke the spirits of the mean machines that grace the track once a year but it is always at the track that I feel that my energy is totally drained. Maybe my mental needs some tweaking.

In the end, my watch recorded a  time of 1hr 20min. Don’t ask me about the SportyPal caused my GPS went berserk and displayed my route as 13++km. I am pretty sure I hadn’t run that far and the pace it displayed was 5++min per km. If only I can run that fast. Oh well, sometimes technology do has its off days.

Although I did not better my PB, I’m grateful to Him that I completed the run at an average pace of around 8min per km. Insya-Allah this will spur me to continue to do my training runs though basically today marks the end of this year’s running season.

To those I get to know through your blogs, a big THANK YOU goes out to all of you for being the inspiration that fuels my fire to keep up with this great lifestyle. Hopefully, one day, I can meet all of you in person. Have a good break and a well-deserved holiday.

Phuket here I come!!!



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5 responses to “Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009

  • kooky kash

    Congrats Faisal on finishing your run. You really need to find a way to delay the cramps. Your cramp happen too soon in the run.

  • Faisal

    Betul betul betul. 😛

    Anyway about the cramps, I begin to think that it it not the cramp per say that is giving the problem. It usually starts above the ankle. I don’t even know what it is called. It will tighten up first before spreading to my calves.

    I guess the best diagnosis is that the muscles around that part is still not strong enough. So with more gradual training runs, I hope that the problem will go away.

    Anyway thanks a lot!

  • Haza

    Oh yeah, I hate the F1 track too!

    Anyway, good job on the runlah, whatever the outcome, a run is a run, and running is good enuf for mere mortals like us. Good timing is only a bonus.

    Too bad that you took ors and still cramped. I was spared the cramps but got very awful muscle pain and bad blisters during the 2nd half.

    Now let’s move on.

  • amsyah

    well done Faisal – Kash introduced me to Nuun tablets, and it worked wonders for me. I am not an experienced and/or a good runner, but I mostly survived my injuries at my joints with deep heat application say 20 minutes prior to race, and ankle/shin/knee/etc guards.

    Hope that helps, and good luck for more!

  • Bob Oh

    Hi there,
    I took part in the 10km run too. Word of advice, try using the knee guard. On both legs if you need to. Try to take some high carbohydrate meal before and rub ointment to warm up the muscles.
    I am also a recreational runner, I ran my first safra 10km earlier in Aug and felt tired towards the end, which was why for the standard chartered one, I took a high carbo meal (two bowls of instant noodles – not the best carbo :P). I started the run strongly and ended well within my target time.
    Good luck for your next run!

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