Wednesday Bodyweight Exercises

Push up Sit up
10 15



8 15
8 15
13 19
51 82

Since my Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday are reserved for my runs, I notice that I’ve been neglecting my strength training program which was previosuly held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ve decided to put my weight training on hold as my body has become too big for my liking and the extra layers of fat and spare-tyres around my waist just accentuate my fatiness.


Therfore, I’m starting all over again on these two bodyweight strength training programs; the 100 push ups and 200 sit ups training programs. As much as the goals for these two programs are to achieve the century and double century targets respectively, my main focus is to strenghten my core which is the building block to overall body strength. I think.


And from the look of it after I’ve completed these two exercises, I still have a long way to go.

Let’s go!

Day 1 Push up Sit up
10 15
12 18
7 10
7 10
12 15
Total 48 68

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7 responses to “Wednesday Bodyweight Exercises

  • Tekko

    Don’t try to be too ambitious. 100 push up is kinda a lot to start off. What you want to be able to do is to start slowly and do it in good form rather than go through the motion. Other than push up and crunches, you can also try half squat, leg curl, leg raise, lying back extensions etc. the variety of exercises will make it more interesting and works different set of muscles as well. Also, you need not set aside days for this. Just do 3 sets after a run rotating the various exercises very day.

  • Faisal

    Hi Tekko, thanks for visiting.


    These two programs I’m following just act as a guideline. I will not be doing 100 push ups or 200 sit ups straight away. I’m still too weak. Both these programs are very progressive in nature so as to let the body adapts gradually.

    I will also take your suggestions into consideration too. Just to ask, for each set of exercise, how many repetitions should I do?

    Thanks once again.

  • tekko

    Depend. Some easier one you may want to do more but for a start maybe 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps should be sufficient. Maybe Day 1 : 3×10 pushup, 3×20 crunches, 3×15 squat Day 2: 3×10 pushup, 3 x 20 bicycle crunches, 3×15 lunges etc Do it slowly at a measured pace and do not use momentum. You should feel the ‘burn’ at around end of each set. Come join us for next sgrunners Eastside run.

  • Faisal

    Ic ic. Thanks tekko for all your advices. I’ll try to incorporate them into my workouts. About the next SgRunners Eastside run, I will try to join all of you if I have nothing on. I’ll keep a lookout for the announcement at the forum.

    Thank you and have a nice holiday!


  • minicoopers51

    That’s an awesome routine. Here’s my routine. you can substitute it to weightless as well. I call my routine the buffet of pain. We do this for MMA and you can sure see result quick.. lol

    Buffet Of Pain

    25 – Pull up (standard)
    50 – Dead Lift
    50- Bench Press
    50- Shoulder press
    50 – Explosive Squat
    50 – Weighted Sit-up or leg raise.
    25 – Pull up (variation)

  • Faisal

    Hi Hafiz, you are from SGRUnners right?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your buffet of pain certainly has whet my appetite. But the pain part looks scary. πŸ˜›

    Anyway thanks for you suggestion but at the moment I’m focussing more on the basic bodyweight exercises first. I’m the kind who will get lost if there are too many things on offer. πŸ˜›

    Just want to ask you, for the number of repetitions that you need to do, do you break them up into sets or you do them all at once? And for the weights right, do you carry them light or heavy?

    I carried weight last time but it caused my body to bulk up and with the layers of fats in me, I look like Nutty Proffesor lah.

    Thanks once again.

  • minicoopers51

    Hi Faisal,

    Hey Thanks for visiting my review from sgrunners. (:

    Oh, It sure is mouth watering eh? lol.. No Pain No Gain!

    Ok, if you realize that I am doing like 50reps for each exercise, I actually will break them to 3 set. Heavier the weight lesser the repetition. So here’s the basic or the beginner “dosage” for the buffet.

    Example; 50 reps of Bench Press Sequence

    5kg on each side of the barbell – 25 reps
    7.5kg on each side of barbell – 15 reps
    10kg on each side of barbell – 10 reps

    – Try to take maximum of 45sec to 1mins rest between sets so that you don’t lose the pump. It’s some kind of an anaerobic workout.

    So for the pull up. Try the machine assisted pull up. And do remember that FORM Matter more than the amount of weight you are lifting. This are just some of the simplest warm up for MMA training, it build endurance and strength at the same time.

    First time i did this, I Puked but as time goes by you will increase the weight you’re lifting, Get stronger and leaner at the same time. I usually go for a run or swim in the morning if i’m doing this in the evening or vise verse.

    Important is that you let your body rest the next day and once again check your FORM.

    Lastly, be sure to bring along a training log or notebook to write down what you did in gym or the body weight exercise you did, so as to keep track of your effort.

    Feel free to drop me an email (:

    Good luck Bro.


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