Solving The Enigma


In case of being called a NATO for my apparent lack of concrete action in solving my perpetual cramps in my lower legs, I’ve finally bothered to consult with Mr Google and the famous online encyclopedia widely-used by undergraduates for their reference work but shouldn’t be included during citation in their bibliographies, Wikipedia. That’s quite a line.

I’ve successfully identified the muscles that contribute much to my discomfort while upping my pace doing my regular runs. The three culprits, with accompanying mug-shots, arranged in alphabetical order are:

1. Culprit I

The Gastrocnemius Muscle

The Gastrocnemius Muscle

2. Culprit II

The Soleus Muscle

The Soleus Muscle

3. Culprit III

The Tibialis Anterior Muscle

The Tibialis Anterior Muscle

Since the culprits have finally been apprehended, now it’s high time to do some investigative digging to figure out why these trio will always cramp up. Then, can I take the necessary actions to solve or even better prevent the cramps from recurring again. Hopefully.

Till next time.


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3 responses to “Solving The Enigma

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    Hello, me and you we have the same sort of cramps but the one of your calf and thigh can be reduce/eliminate by making sure you hydrate often. Now during marathon or LSD I will suck half NUUN tablets every hour or 40 mins. Sekarang, alhmaduliliah I can avoid cramps.

    For the front tibialis muscle, I think it has to do with the running gait, plus the type of ground you run on. Massage and ICE often. Insyallah OK.

    Good luck.,

  • Faisal

    Thanks Miss Kooky, I’ve read about the lack of salt resulting in cramps. Even the Running Mom once wrote in her blog about taking in ORS to prevent cramps. So I might well do that. But since my runs are usually less than one hour, I think sufficient hydration should help kot. 😛

    Another theory is that cramps are caused by lack of strength in the relevant muscles. So the only way to combat that is for me to run more.

    Thanks once again. Appreciate your help.


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