Saturday Morning Run: Fat Pakcik 1 – 0 Lazy Bug

Tampines – Pasir Ris MRT Track – Downtown East – Park Connector


50m 19s

08:11 min/km

7.33 km/hr




It started to pour since yesterday night and the cool temperature this morning seemed bent on preventing me from having my morning run. Although my running arsenal if you may want to call it, such as my arm-band for my handphone, ID wristband, watch, water-bottle and my running singlet had been laid nicely, I still took like 2 hours before conjuring up the willpower to leave the house and start the run. Luckily the lady lazy bug was defeated or I am sure I will be dozing off until now.


For today’s run, I went on a longer distance as per scheduled. Remembering about the cramps I’ve been experiencing, my pace today was purposely slow. Until I’ve increased my running base would then I will gradually increase my pace a little bit at a time.

Other than the usual loneliness that followed me, today’s run to Pasir Ris Park allowed me to spot a small dragon in this urban jungle I call home. I’m not really sure if it’s the komodo dragon, but it certainly look like one albeit a little bit smaller. Maybe it’s the mini version. I don’t know. But it’s appearance is certainly a delight.

Other than that, no cramps today.



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