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Nike+ Human Race 2009

Nike+ Human Race 2009

09.85km (Official: 10km)

1hr 15m 08s (1hr 15m 52s: new PB)

07:37 min/km

7.87 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/745125635433243718

SportyPal: http://www.sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/77801


I think I just equaled my personal best timing although this was supposed to be an EZ run.


I saw the famous Running Mom from the neighbouring country up north!


More updates coming soon.

My goal for this run is to treat it as an EZ run.

Take it slow, enjoy the views on display and soak in the atmosphere.

And not forgetting to keep a look-out for Running Mom and ask for her autograph.


Although I’ve planned to come early and do sufficient warm-up, it didn’t materialise.

I arrived at the F1 Pit Building at 7.00am while the Start Time was 7.10am for the first wave.

Quickly went to deposit my bag and glad to report that it was fast and efficient.

By the time I walked towards the main F1 track, the first half of the track was already full.

I inched my way forward until I nearly reached the main stage.

The countdown was officiated by the indie band from Malaysia, Estranged and thus my run had officially begun.

The initial first kilometre pace was under 7min and it was too fast for me and I did not want to suffer later on in the run.

As I plodded along the winding road, I noticed a lady with a black headdress which looked suspiciously familiar.

Lo and behold, it was the Running Mom in action.

She was running at quite a fast pace, so all I could do was just to follow her from behind.

Suddenly the Running Mom halted and later I realised she was snapping away the actions on her camera.

So I passed her but a few minutes later, she overtook me.

I wanted to say hi but she was having her earphones on and she looked real focused.

So I chickened out and continued on my run.

The rest of my run was uneventful and tried to keep my pace steady and under 8min/km.

At the finishing line, I was surprised to find a variety of freebies on offer.

Yogurt, ice-cream, Starbucks coffee and a myriad of fruits to be give away.

Due to the tiredness, I only took a banana and was lazy to queue for the rest.

It was really a great and fun experience and to beat my personal best was a bonus given that I was really aiming for it.



The Finisher Bracelet. I think it looks kind of cool. Different from the normal finisher medal.

The Finisher Bracelet. I think it looks kind of cool. Different from the normal finisher medal.

The backside view.

The backside view.