Daily Archives: September 7, 2009

Monday Exercise


Dumbbell curl: 3 X 12

Dumbbell tricep extension: 3 X 12

Dumbbell concentration curl: 5 X 5


Dumbbell kickback: 5 X 5

Lateral raise: 5 X 5

Front raise: 5 X 5

Shoulder press: 3 X 12


Hammer curl: 5 X 5

Shoulder shrug: 3 X 12

Supplement Exercises:

Plank: 45sec, 35secs, 35secs


Didn’t notice any loss in strength today.

Maybe it was due to the beef bacon I ate during the breaking of fast.

On another note, it was with great disappointment that I withdrew from running in the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run ’09.

I was still coughing the night before and suffice to say, I didn’t want to take much risk when my health is involved.

There’s always another day and another run to join.