Daily Archives: July 31, 2009

Let It All Out

Did a teeny-weeny-super-mini triathlon of my own this morning.


Well I’m allowed to dream am I?


Went out for an easy run first thing in the morning.

My last run was like 20 days ago so it’s high time I start running again as the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon ā€˜09 is exactly 2 weeks away.

As usual, after an indefinite time-out from running, today’s run is sort of an assessment run, just to see if there’s any problem physically and I am glad to say there’s nothing major to report of.

Just the usual slight soreness of the lower legs but other than that everything else is A-OK.

The pace was really slow so that may be the reason why I was not suffering just now.

BIKE (1.92KM)

After my run, I went back to take my swimming stuff and cycled to my friend’s house for my swimming session.

SWIM (600m)

Swam around 600m.

For a guy who doesn’t know how to swim freestyle initially and will literally sink after a few strokes, the distance above looks commendable.

BUT, the truth is I still can’t last that whole distance without stopping.

I still have difficulty breathing so I need to stop after every 30m to replenish my oxygen or I can just asphyxiate there and then in the pool.

My strokes have been improving but my left-side stroke is still very weak with a non-existing core rotation.

So I usually have difficulty taking in enough air when my face is turning to the right.

Other than that, I’m thankful to Him for letting me go this far and without His aid I don’t think I’ll last.

Hopefully my dream of competing in a triathlon will come true one day.


BIKE (1.92KM)

Cycled back home and write this report.


I have heard some negative comments about my physical endeavours.

There had been some snide remarks about how I still look fat although I have been doing all these physical activities.

There had been comments about how dark I had transformed into.

Well, I know I am fat and I know I am dark.

I am fat so that’s why I do all this physical activities.

Rather than sitting at home and rotting my ass off and turn into the next hippo, at least I’m trying to do something to become healthy.

I am dark from all the swims that I had done.

I will not trade my skin colour for the joy I had felt after each swimming session and the small breakthroughs that I achieved at each session.

I am dark from all the cycling with my Old Piece Of Junk.

When can I get a road bike?

Who cares if I am fat and dark and have no girlfriend (just need to put that in :P)?

All these remarks will serve as extra motivational fuel for me to burn when I’m out under the sun doing these things.


Friday Morning Run: Defeating The Lazy Bug

Tampines ā€“ Pasir Ris Park Connector


34m 46s


6.92 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/singapore/-tampines/618271441431