Daily Archives: July 6, 2009

Monday Exercise


Dumbbell curl: 5 X 5

Dumbbell tricep extension: 5 X 5

Dumbbell concentration curl: 5 X 5


Dumbbell kickback: 5 X 5

Lateral raise: 5 X 5

Front raise: 5 X 5

Shoulder press: 5 X 5


Hammer curl: 5 X 5

Shoulder shrug: 3 X 12

Supplementary Exercises:

Plank: 3 X 30secs


Been neglecting my weight training exercises and my running after a bout of sickness.

Then the inertia and the M(alas) Virus prevented me from beginning again.

So it’s high time I beat the inertia and M Virus and the realisation that a nenek tua has been doing a couple of you-can-count-with-two-hands numbers of sit-ups :mrgreen: gives me that extra motivation to restart.

Hopefully this lasts.

And tonight’s workout is a killer.