National Runway Cycling & Skating 2009

National Runway Cycling & Skating 2009

Paya Lebar Airbase


1hr 51mins





Entered the Shimano 45km (should be 42km as reflected in the mapmycycle) Endurance Challenge

Broke my personal best of an average speed of 20.44km/hr to record 22.69km/hr.

What made it more gratifying was the fact that I had not been exercising and training since my 10km run in Sundown Marathon.

That was a long three weeks ago.

My injured knee took a week to heal and an onset of the flu and cough meant another two weeks out of action.

So I didn’t expect much from today’s ride.

My goal today was just to have a smooth cycle, enjoy the scenery and experience the novelty cycling on the runway which is normally used for the RSAF military airplanes and helicopters.

So there was none of the lung-busting sprint I loved to do during long straights but at the back of my mind I was aiming to better by PB too.

The start was smooth and it was definitely great to draft those expensive roadies.


Definitely thinking of buying one myself as my current old piece of junk just couldn’t keep up with these speed machines.

What made it more embarrassing was the rather audible squeaking of my old piece of junk.

Well I couldn’t expect much from my old piece of junk faulty gears could I.

And to illustrate the deteriorating condition of my old piece of junk, my right shifter became loose in the middle of the ride.

So it was a challenge to use both hands to shift the gears while controlling the bike as well.

Fatigue started to creep in the middle of second lap and my pace dropped considerably after a fast 28km/hr in the first lap.

In the end it was a great ride and a marvelous day and there was no hint of fainting though I didn’t eat any breakfast (bad habit of mine).


Now it is time for the Endurance Cycling @ Hong Kah Town coming up in three weeks time.

Bring it on baby!


Event held at Paya Lebar Airbase

Event held at Paya Lebar Airbase

A close-up view of the stage

A close-up view of the stage

F-16 Fighting Falcon Display

F-16 Fighting Falcon Display

Front view of the fiercesome Fighting Falcon

Front view of the fiercesome Fighting Falcon

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One response to “National Runway Cycling & Skating 2009

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    […] In the sport worshipped in the Land of the Free, there is a well-known rule. The ‘Three-Strikes-You’re-Out’ Rule. Well, I thought my chances are over even before the Endurance Cycling @ Hong Kah Town started. The initial plan by the organisers was that we need to cycle 8 laps circumventing the newly constructed 3km Brickland Road in 1.5hrs. That puts the average pace at 16km/hr. That’s as easy as sitting down for a buffet for two hours straight as that pace is still within my personal best. […]

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