Saturday Run: The Good, The Bad & The Too Good To Be True

Tampines – Pasir Ris MRT Track – Downtown East


38m 47s


8.53 km/hr



Couldn’t understand why some pedestrians can be so inconsiderate.

A group of youth hogged the whole width of the pavement and didn’t give me an inch of space eventhough I was approaching them from the front.

But on the way back, another group of youth, once hearing my heavy steps, quickly made space for me to pass through although I was behind them.

Thanks guys!

And I thought I was running 4miles or 6.4km today, but I noticed my timing was too quick and felt that my distance was wrong.

A quick check at MapMyRun, once I’ve returned showed that I u-turned too early and only completed 3.43miles or 5.52km.

Oh well…


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