Daily Archives: March 18, 2009

Wednesday Exercise


Dumbbell curl: 5 X 5

Dumbbell tricep extension: 3 X 12

Dumbbell concentration curl: 5 X 5


Dumbbell kickback: 5 X 5

Lateral raise: 5 X 5

Front raise: 5 X 5

Shoulder press: 3 X 12

Hammer curl: 3 X 12


Shoulder shrug: 3 X 12


Wednesday Night Warm Up Run: Popping The Cherry

Tampines – Pasir Ris Park Connector


45m 55s


6.44 km/hr

Mapmyrun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/sg/singapore/872235299493


Have not been running since the Newton Active Run 2009.

Bought a new running shoe; Brooks Defyance, since the old junk has exceeded its expiry date, hence the cushioning is totally kaput.

Went for a warm up run with two goals in mind:

  1. To break in the new shoes.
  2. To kick start my Sundown Marathon 10km Masterplan.

And as expected, the legs that have been in hibernation for two long weeks acted up as soon as my engine started.

Started to feel the tightness in my achilles tendon.

But it slowly dissipated nearing the end.